For Retailers

End Cap Display

Rocket Dry is available packaged and ready for retail display in two formats:The Glove Dryer by Rocket Dry is an excellent Retail add on opportunity

 - Stacked pairs in an End Cap display unit

 - Individual pairs on Hang Cards

Rocket Dry comes in a variety of colors and can be ordered in almost any custom color. You can even have your logo added to it - See the Promotional Opportunities page for more information



Hang Card Display 

The Glove Dryer by Rocket Dry is a patented product that assists In drying gloves and mittens by keeping them open and accessible to air movement for faster dryer times. The result is gloves and mittens that dry faster and better from the inside out.

The Glove Dryer fits children and adult glove & mitten sizes. It sits on existing radiator covers and heater vents needing no batteries or special dangerous equipment. The Glove Dryer by Rocket Dry can also be used on wall vents with the attached hook.




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